Cllr Bob Watson

Sandhaven & Pitullie Harbour Trust Ltd is indebted to Cllr Bob Watson for his efforts in securing £5000 from the Aberdeenshire Council "Top Up Fund" for improvements at the harbour. Some of the money from the "Top Up Fund" was used to create a container area, the containers to be used for the storing of creels and other fishing gear etc. The area cleared was a piece of waste ground to the East of the harbour, ground that had no other purpose. The balance of the grant was used to clear an area on the East Breakwater that will eventually be levelled with topsoil and grass seeded, it is hoped that this will become a communal area for the two villages. The Trust would also like to thank those Cllr’s who supported Cllr Watson’s bid to secure the funding for these improvements.

Further improvements that have been made or are being made include, 36 feet of new pontoons that will create 4 new pontoon berths, the creation of a new berth at the “Breest” and a ladder installed in the channel that can be used when the tides are unsuitable for the inner harbour. The Trustees have also installed safety railings at each of the three sets of stone steps. These improvements have been made possible with the help and support of the community and surrounding areas.

The Trustees sincerely appreciate the people who attend quiz nights, buy raffles, donate to the 50/50 etc and to who give freely of their time to carry out work at the harbour, or in any way contribute to the ongoing work of the Trust.

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