2013 Funding for Middle Jetty

Dear All

The Trustees are delighted to announce that almost £100,000 of grant funding is now in place for the re-facing of 52 metres of the Middle jetty. In order to avoid the worst of the winter weather, it is planned that the works will start the end of March with a completion date of June. This project will be funded by grants from the Aberdeenshire European Fisheries Fund (45%) and Aberdeenshire's Six Key Development Fund (45%) and 10% by the Sandhaven & Pitullie Harbour Trust. Once these works are completed it will allow the Trust to increase the number of berths at Sandhaven.

The Trust are also seeking to apply for funding to carry out repairs to the point of the North breakwater and channel, the Trust will notify berth holders as to how progress is being made with this project.

As berth holders you may or may not be aware that over the last few years a series of unexplained incident have taken place at the harbour, vessels holed, cut loose and other acts of mindless vandalism, all of which have caused the Trustees a great deal of concern. With these incidents in mind, it has been decided that a Dance and Buffet is to be held in the Pittendrum Lounge on Saturday the 14th of December, the money raised by the Dance and Buffet will go towards meeting some of the costs of the installing CCTV cameras at the harbour.

Any berth holder or harbour user who is unable to show support for the harbour and this project by attending the Dance and Buffet can make a donation towards the installation of cameras by cheque or cash, the Trustees would stress that all monies raised by this event will be set aside for the purchase and installation of these cameras.

Any berth holder who has used Sandhaven harbour for any period of time will appreciate the progress that has been made at the harbour, the armoured rock repair to the Middle jetty and the addition of the metal pontoons to name two projects that have increased the income and the look of the harbour for the community and for the Trust. These improvements can only be carried out thanks to the hard work of the Trustees and more importantly the support of those who are interested in the survival of Sandhaven harbour as a working harbour, the harbour if left to the elements and without investment will simply disappear into the sea.

The Trustees are firmly committed to providing berthing at affordable prices and that the harbour should be run by respected, responsible people drawn from the community and surrounding areas who are determined as is demanded in our Memorandum of Articles "to repair and improve the harbour at Sandhaven for the benefit all" with your help and support these goals will be achieved.

The Xmas Dance and Buffet will be held in the Pittendrum Lounge starting at 7.30pm, the band Borderline will provide music, so come along and show your support for a very worthy cause, Sandhaven harbour.

A warm welcome awaits.
The Trustees

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