Harbour Master

All Harbour Users Please Note

At a Directors Meeting on 28th May 2013, the Directors unanimously voted to appoint Mr William Wishart as Harbour Master with immediate effect.

A decision was also made to review and update the Byelaws for Sandhaven Harbour, any changes will be announced in due course.

In the meantime, it will be considered a very serious breach of the Rules & Regulations currently in force at Sandhhaven Harbour if any person or persons:

a) Fail to promptly obey any lawful directions given by the Harbour Master.

b) Obstruct or impede, molest, or threaten the Harbour Master or any other officer, workman, agent, or person whomsoever employed by The Trustees in the performance of his duty or in the execution of any work, matters or things to be done by him.

The Trustees

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