Improvements since New Board Elected in 2008

2008/2009 - Changed the system on which the pontoons rise and fall. Chains that were wearing brackets through every 3 weeks were replaced by wires, this system is virtually maintenance free and extremely effective. Lifebelts now placed at regular intervals around the pier. Purchased floats and moved some of the pontoons to an area of the harbour that is probably the best part of the harbour, to create 8 berths where only 2 berths had existed previously. Removed a sandbank to give better access to and from the harbour at low water. Started to tidy up middle jetty, removed old wooden slipways etc. Purchased a port- a- cabin that will double as a harbour office come store.
March 2010 - £5000 grant from Aberdeenshire Council’s “ Top up Fund” helps create area at East Pier for containers and tidy waste ground.

September 2010 - £13,750 grant awarded from Aberdeenshire Council's Leader II fund to help improve crumbling Middle Jetty and tidy up East Pier.

Feb 2011 - Donation from BRG Challenge of £900.

July 2011 - Due to demand purchased galvanised metal pontoons and can now cater for 40 vessels compared with 8/9 berths in 2008.

Daily/weekly maintenance plays an important part at the Harbour and the Trust is fortunate to have 'hands on' volunteers who devote their time to this worthy cause.

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