Sea Cadets Update

Fraserburgh Sea Cadets in conjunction with their UK national organisation the Marine Society & Sea Cadets, have identified Sandhaven Harbour as a suitable location to set up a new TS Gowanlea, Headquarters and Training Centre.  

As a result, various site meetings have taken place between Sea Cadets personnel from TS Gowanlea, Fraserburgh, and representatives of their national organisation along with Sandhaven & Pitullie Harbour Trustees.  The resulting discussions have led to Sandhaven & Pitullie Harbour Trustees entering into a long term lease agreement with the Marine Society & Sea Cadets for a piece of land adjacent to Sandhaven Harbour slipway for the construction of the desired new HQ and Training Centre.  

Plans, as can be seen in the PDF files shown below, have been drawn up, and now with the legal requirements for the terms and conditions of the land lease put together and finalised to the satisfaction of both parties, the Sea Cadets national organisation are in the process of securing the funding necessary to commence with the construction of their proposed new HQ and training facility.  

Barring any unforeseen delays it is expected that the construction of the Fraserburgh Sea Cadets, TS Gowanlea, Headquarters and Training Centre, at Sandhaven Harbour, will be completed in approximately two years time.

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